Frozen Water Pipes

Many homeowners who live in colder climates experience this problem. If the water pipes in the basement or under the crawl space aren’t protected against the cold adequately, the water flowing through them can freeze. Frozen water pipes can leak or even burst if the problem isn’t corrected.

How do you identify frozen water pipes?

Well, if you turn the tap on in winter and no water comes out of it, then the pipes may have frozen. Call an emergency plumber to inspect the problem and fix it before the pipe starts to leak or bursts. This can cause significant damage to your home.

Sewage Backing up into Toilets and Drains

If sewerage comes up your drain pipes in sinks, bathtub or shower or backs up into the toilet, then there is likely something wrong with your sewer line. A significant clog in the line could be causing the problem.

Tree Roots

Sometimes, the clog is the result of tree roots growing into the sewer line. You should immediately call a plumber for an emergency sewer repair. Plumbers have tools that they can use to monitor the sewer line and identify the clog. If there is a clog, the emergency plumber will find it and remove it to fix the problem.

Overflowing Sump Pump

If the sump pump in the basement isn’t working properly or stops working altogether, it won’t be able to pump the water out. If it rains heavily while your sump pump is out of order, your basement could flood. Therefore, the moment you find out your sump pump has stopped working, call a plumber for an emergency sump pump repair. You shouldn’t wait to ring an emergency plumbing company because there is no telling when the weather will take a turn for the worst.

Overflowing Septic Tank

If you have a septic tank at your home, you should properly maintain it to ensure that it doesn’t overflow. However, despite proper maintenance, a septic tank may still overflow, creating a mess in your yard. When you notice that your septic tank is overflowing, immediately stop using water and don’t flush your toilet. Call a plumbing company for an emergency septic tank service. Ideally, you should have septic tank thoroughly cleaned out every year, or on the schedule a plumber recommends.

Clogged Drains

When clogged drains keep occurring more frequently, they can become a plumbing emergency. There is a variety of reasons for clogged drains including flushing unsuitable items in toilets, putting unsuitable items in a garbage disposer, and grease and hair getting stuck in the lines. We recommend you to keep a plunger with you to address minor clogs.

Chemical Based Clog Removal Products

Plungers are better than chemical-based clog removal products as they can remove the clog without damaging the plumbing pipes. Chemical-based products do remove the clog, but they can end up damage the pipes if you aren’t careful. If you are dealing with stubborn clogs that won’t go away, don’t ignore them. They can cause a pipe to leak and ultimately burst. Call a plumbing company to assist you. They would have the tools and equipment required to identify the clog and remove it.

Water Heater Issues

If you are using a tank-based water heater, always stay prepared to deal with emergency plumbing issues. Fortunately, a water heater will show some early warning signs alerting you that something will go wrong soon. Looking for these could help you avoid calling a plumber for emergency water heater repair at 4 in the morning.

Strange Sounds

If you hear clicking, popping or snapping sounds coming from your water, it may be a sign of sediment building up inside the Tank. You should have your Tank cleaned by a professional.

Rusty-Colored Hot Water

If the cold water coming from the tap is clear, but the hot water supply is rusty, then it means that your Tank is rusting from the inside. Ignoring the problem can lead to other issues. Therefore, if you notice that rusty-colored hot water is coming from the tap, call a plumber for emergency water heater repair.

Water Leaking from the Tank

When water starts leaking from the Tank, it will have to run more to heat the water, increasing your electricity or gas bills. Call a plumber for an emergency water heater service to fix this issue before it gets worse.

Water Isn’t Hot Enough

If the water heater isn’t heating the water properly, it means that the heating elements of the Tank are covered in scale or failing. This isn’t a significant problem as you can easily have these elements replaced.

Sounds of Water Heater Boiling in the Tank

This is a severe and dangerous problem. If you notice this problem, power off the water heater. Boiling water in the Tank creates pressure, which could cause it to blow up. Call an emergency plumber immediately to look at this issue and fix it.

Emergency Plumbing Problems

If you experience any of the emergency plumbing problems listed above in or around Los Angeles, CA, call Rowin Plumbing. Whether you are experiencing water heater issues, clogged drains or your sump pump has started overflowing, and we can help. Our emergency plumbers have the skills and experience required to address all plumbing problems.