Natural gas is a clean and safe fossil fuel that is used by is over 65 million homes in the United States alone for water heaters, stoves, and other appliances. It’s better for the environment compared to other harmful fuel as it produces carbon dioxide and water vapor and fewer greenhouse emissions than burning wood, coal, or oil. One thing that makes natural gas potentially dangerous is that it is highly combustible. If natural gas leaks in your home or around it, you will be at risk of fire and potential explosion. In case of a gas leak, a fire source or an electrical spark can cause ignition. We often news about houses catching fire, and one of the main reasons behind those fires are gas leaks. This is why you need to learn about signs of gas leaks and what you should do if you spot them. In this post, we are going to share the signs of gas leaks with you and tell you things you should do if you spot a gas leak.

Signs of Gas Leaks

Strange Odor

This is perhaps the most common sign of a gas leak. Natural gas gives off a peculiar odor that resembles the smell of a rotten egg. This makes it easy to detect. If you suddenly start smelling gas in your house, it’s a sign that there is a leak somewhere.


When there is a gas leak, you might hear a hissing sound from the area where there is a leak.


If you notice bubbles forming in moist areas near your home, it could be a sign of a potential gas leak.

Discolored or Dying Plants

Plants near a gas leak often become sickly and will eventually die if the leak isn’t fixed. While they can die due to other reasons too, you should still check for a gas leak outside your home. Natural gas blocks a plant’s source of oxygen, and due to this reason, you will notice that some discolored vegetables and fruits in case of a gas leak. So if you see discolored or dead plants in a specific area of your lawn, it is a sign of a natural gas leak.

Physical Symptoms

The health of the occupants of your home will degrade if there is a gas leak inside your premises. Some common health issues that might indicate a gas leak within your premises include:
·Tiredness and confusion
·Difficulty breathing and shortness of breath
·Stomach pain
·Nausea and vomiting

Steps to Take if You Spot a Gas Leak

If you suspect that gas is leaking somewhere around your home, the first thing you must consider is the safety of all the occupants of your home. If the gas leak is significant, you and your family member will be in danger so you should immediately evacuate the building and call an emergency gas leak plumber. Gas leak plumbers know how to identify and fix a gas leak. They will come to your place and use their advanced equipment to detect the gas leak. They will then make the repairs to ensure that natural gas doesn’t pose a threat to your safety and the safety of your family. If you suspect that there is a minor leak, you don’t necessarily have to evacuate the building. You should call a gas leak repair company and wait for them to come to your home to make the repairs. While you wait for them to arrive, don’t smoke, light a match, or use any electrical device. This could cause ignition if the gas has spread across your home. Open all doors and windows so that the accumulated gas can escape. You should also consider turning your gas supply off with the emergency control valve. You might find it in your meter box outside the home. If your control valve is located in your home’s basement, you shouldn’t attempt to shut it off and wait for the gas leak repair company to come. They will assess the area to see if it is clear of gas and then shut off the valve themselves. They will find the source of the leak and fix it.

Final Thoughts

Gas leaks are hazardous if not identified in time. They could lead to fire and explosion if you don’t get them fixed in time. Therefore, always stay on the lookout for potential gas leaks. Frequently check all your appliances for gas leaks. Also, install an earthquake gas shut off valve or seismic gas shut off valve that will turn off the gas supply to your home in case of an earthquake. If you spot a gas leak, don’t try to fix it yourself. You might aggravate the problem or even damage the appliance. You should leave the gas leak pipe repair and gas leak appliance repair work to the professionals like Rowin Plumbing. At Rowin Plumbing, we have the equipment and tools required to detect gas leaks inside your home, and our professional gas leak repairs know how to carry out gas leak repair work safely and effectively. Now that you know who to call for gas leak repair don’t hesitate to give us a buzz at 661 252 5757.